Obsessed with the spaces in which people live, work, and play. Enamored with design of all kinds. Wife. Mom. Southern born in Southern Cali. Lover of both. Hater of licorice (the candy not the color.)

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  1. You forgot “beautiful”, “kind”, and “amazing friend” in your description. 😉 Love this blog and you. Can’t wait to see where you lead!


  2. Jessie! So happy for this new adventure of yours and excited to see more of you ideas in this blog. Great writing and I love how you add some of family history to your blogs.

    Cheers to many blogging days!!!


  3. Yes! What Instagram says is true — you started the blog you mentioned when Jon and I were visiting in January! It looks amazing already. I’m very inspired and excited to follow along and dream of my future home. 🙂

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  4. I loved reading this and can’t wait to see the final kitchen! I gutted and redid the present kitchen we are in. Wrestled with decisions but made a crazy decision for penny tile backsplash. I love my white quartz countertops and I did all white cabinets… Created an island with butcher block. Raised my cabinets to ceiling and installed open shelf below them.
    I’m loving some modern furniture and have this amazing dining table/chairs! Now Looking for two orange matching chairs to go with my tribal rug fr Iran for living room. Help!

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    1. Cindy! Thanks for reading! It sounds beautiful. Send me pics. I love Penny Tile! I used it when we redid the studio, and a friend is doing her whole pool in it right now. I’ll keep my eyes open for some orange chairs for you!


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